Tattoo removal

tatoo removalNowadays tattooing is a common art done by many. Later when it comes to the mark or if they want to go for a new one they can always opt for a tattoo removal at our clinic with the help of Q- switched Nd YAG lasers.


Tattoo will be removed and the area becomes normal within days.


For some cases additional sittings may be required.

Why Almeka

Almeka is a leading skin treatment clinic that provides numerous skin treatments to assure a glowing and radiant skin for its patients. With specialized doctors, experts and advanced technology in the field, Alemka offers top class skin treatment services. The Q- switched Nd YAG laser removal treatment in Almeka Medical Centre gives you a clean and clear skin.

At the Almeka Medical Centre, get the best treatment for removing your tattoo and having clear skin. You can choose to get a new tattoo or just live without one; Almeka is always at your service. The laser tattoo removal services at Almeka Centre helps in the clean removal of permanent tattoos that assures you a greater relief. Say goodbye to the tattoos you dislike and get yourself a better one or keep your skin free of tattoos; all you need is to take up the laser tattoo removal treatment at Almeka Medical Centre.

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