Hair Free for Men

hair free for men

Hair Free for men

Almeka Medical Center uses Nd YAG laser having homogeneous photothermolysis principle for removal of hair. Homogeneous photothermolysis is based on the fact that laser energy acts on a certain tissue volume homogeneously. Rapidly dividing cells with high cellular metabolism are the first to be affected by absorbed laser energy. The hair bulb cells in the anagen phase (period of active stable growth) have a high metabolic rate and are much more sensitive to heat. Surrounding tissue is preserved, while at the same time, hair follicles are irreversibly destroyed. Due to the very low absorption in melanin, competition between skin and hair pigment is less, which makes this method more suitable for darker skin types. Effective Hair Free for Men is providing Almeka with best quality..

In normal circumstances hair production in each follicle occurs in a cyclic fashion, with three main phases :

Anagen or growth phase which lasts between two to eight years.
Catagen or transition phase which lasts between two to four weeks.
Telogen or resting phase which lasts for two to four months.

During laser treatment Hair Free for Men only active growth phase black hair can be removed. It is advisable to have first three sittings at an interval of 6-8 weeks and next three sittings at an interval of 8-10 weeks period. Later the patient may need 2 or 3 sittings more at an interval of 6 to 8 months period to get maximum result. 

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