RF Fractional for Scars

acne-scarAlmeka uses e-Two sublative machine for  RF Fractional for Scars having radio frequency technology from Syneron Israel which is approved by FDA and CE for

Mild to moderate wrinkles (face/neck)
Acne scars
Stretch mark
Poor skin texture

The Goal : Achieving a more compact, better organized “younger” dermal matrix, a homogenous epidermis and an overall smoother skin surface.

The Approach : Creating maximum desired impact in the dermal zone while minimizing the dermal disruption.

The Solution – Sublative Rejuvenation : Fractional RF energy delivered to the skin with low epidermal disruption and high dermal impact.

It is time to bid goodbye to what holds you back. With Almeka Medical Centre, get the best RF Fractional for Scars treatment. You no longer have to hide or feel insecure about your looks. With Almeka, you can shine brightly with a radiant skin.

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